Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday evening meditations

There was little time for reflection this Saturday morning so 36 hours later things have settled down, the 20-month-old terror is nestled in his crib and I'm finally able to think properly — meditate even.

Friday night went pretty much as I thought it would on the area high school football scene. Hunt's freefall continued with a 29-10 loss at Kinston. I wish I knew the last time the Warriors lost to the Vikings but it might have been back in the old 4-A Big East Conference days.

I can't say what Hunt's problem is. I know injuries have taken their toll but 1-6 can't all be blamed on injuries. I wonder if the Warriors just have the personnel they once had. Size is down on the Hunt roster and the skill positions seem limited. Sophomore quarterback Tyrell Vinson has struggled at times but that's more a youth issue than ability.

Still you can't count the Warriors out of the 3-A Eastern Carolina Conference race and, if nothing else, they could be the team to hand Beddingfield its first loss when the rivals meet for the final time as ECC foes in the regular-season finale.

The Bruins had a prototypical performance Friday night. And I say that not only because they scored 41 straight points on Charles B. Aycock but also because Beddingfield dug a 21-0 hole for itself. It was the best and the worst of the Bruins.

Beddingfield clearly has the ability to make big plays and any team like that is dangerous but the Bruins continue to be a danger to themselves as well. Someone might catch them napping and be able to hold onto a lead like CBA couldn't.

One team that really hasn't beaten itself all season is Fike. The Golden Demons have made a few mistakes (such as the pair of red-zone fumbles in the 34-28 loss to Beddingfield two weeks ago) but for the most part have played as consistently as any high school team could expect to play. That's why Fike has five wins in seven games. Both the Demons losses were by tight margins to good teams playing at home.

I know I haven't given Fike the respect it deserves when it comes to my weekly picks this season but it doesn't mean I haven't recognized the Demons have been putting out the steadiest product of any Wilson team all fall. But the 3-A NEW 6 Conference is tough, tough, tough and Fike will have to figure out a way to get back that loss at SouthWest Edgecombe on Friday night. Doing it at Rocky Mount would be a great way to end the regular season.

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