Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tom's OK and thanks

Just a word of thanks on behalf of Tom Ham and his family to the folks who looked out for him Tuesday when he took ill at the Wilson County Junior Golf Championship at Happy Valley Country Club.

Tom, of course, built the Wilson Daily Times sports department into the finest in the state and I'm just privileged to be carrying on that tradition. While he is considered a "part-time" or "semi-retired" staff member these days, he is far from that. Unfortunately, his dedication to his career gets him in hot water at times and scares the heck out of me.

He suffered a dizzy spell in the heat Tuesday and needed some medical attention but seems to be fine now. He might have to be sidelined for a few days but hopefully will be back to his usual self within no time.

Many, many thanks to Robert Wells, Frank Pridgen, Jim Boykin Jr. and many others who made sure Tom got prompt medical attention.

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  1. Would you please get that man to settle down? I don't want to have to get on here and see that a man that has influenced my journalistic life so much has passed away. Tell him to stay inside and watch baseball!