Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Brittany for the Boys V isn't far off

The high school football season kicks off in less than three weeks with all three Wilson County teams in action Friday, Aug. 21. But that's not all the kicking that will go on that night as The Brittany for the Boys V cranks up at Gillette Soccer Complex with 12 games that night.

There will be another 18 games the next day, Saturday, Aug. 22, with 30 games total, five fewer than the previous Brittany for the Boys last August. It appears as though there will be 54 teams involved, with six, including Fike, playing two games. Again, four fewer than last year's total.

With school budgets being trimmed, it's not surprising The Brittany contracted a wee bit but it's still the biggest and best high school soccer showcase in the state, as the N.C. Soccer Coaches Association proclaimed last May.

Here's the schedule for The Brittany for the Boys V.

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