Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thompson also hit dual scoring milestones at Fike

I'd like to point out that I was (channeling Arthur Fonzarelli) wr---, wr---, wrong in a story I wrote this week, sort of.

I wrote that Fike senior Tramicka James is believed to be the first female at the school to score 1,000 points in basketball and 100 goals in soccer. And I guess I was right because I believed that Tramicka was but I was wrong to have forgotten, too quickly as it turns out, that one of her former teammates had pulled off the feat.

Barksdale Thompson, who graduated in 2007, hit those milestones first. I don't have Barksdale's career totals but I know that she was easily past both benchmarks.

Like James, Thompson was a two-time all-state selection by the N.C. Soccer Coaches Association. Two of Fike's other three 100-career goal scorers — Sarah Winslow and Elizabeth Spencer — were also two-time all-state picks while Ginny Farris earned that distinction once.

I was reminded of this by one staff member with a longer and better memory than me.

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