Friday, June 20, 2008

So far so good at Southern Regionals

After spending two hours at Gillette Athletic Complex on Friday afternoon, I was impressed by two things — the performance level of the players and the folks running the show.

I know I've tooted the horn of Wilson Parks and Recreation Department and the hundreds of volunteers who help out in the past. But it really is worth noting how well-run a big soccer tournament in Wilson is. And while The Brittany Willis Memorial Scholarship Soccer Showcase has become a very big deal for high school boys and girls soccer, the US Youth Soccer Region III championships are a huge deal.

But the feeling at Gillette on Friday, at least by me, was that this was just a very big Brittany. Maybe there were some issues that I wasn't aware of but all seemed to running smoothly. There was ample parking, the crowds were big but dispersed throughout the complex, there was a volunteer seemingly everywhere in case someone needed something and the weather was fine.

Here's to three more great days of soccer in Wilson.

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