Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No spit! Nygard needs your vote

Justin Nygard, the soon-to-be a 2008 Hunt High School graduate, is up for an impressive award.

Nygard is a finalist in the N.C. STEP "No Spit" All-Star of the Year competition among some of the best high school baseball players in the state who have pledged not to use "spit" tobacco.

The campaign is dedicated to promoting awareness among young people about the dangers of spit tobacco. (I thought the term was "smokeless tobacco" but I guess I'm an old fogey.)

According to the information provided by the Oral Health of America's 2006 Spit Tobacco Report Card, this country received a "D" for the use of spit tobacco.

There are campaigns underway in Kentucky, North and South Carolina.

In any event, it would be cool if Justin (who is currently in third place in the online voting) can win this competition. For those of you who don't know, Justin was one of the top pitchers in Wilson County last spring at Hunt and now is a starter for the Wilson American Legion Post 13 baseball team.

Vote for Justin

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