Thursday, March 13, 2008

Give the Lady Warriors some respect!

I don't have a vote in the North Carolina high school girls soccer poll and it's probably a good thing. I can tell you about the teams in The Wilson Daily Times coverage area and a few others but my perspective is hardly statewide.

But I'm going to say that I know enough to know that Hunt should be in the top 15 of the 3-A poll. The Lady Warriors are 7-0 and own a victory over one top 10 (at least when they played) team in Fike. It was Hunt's first win against Fike since 2002 and sent the Lady Golden Demons out of the rankings after opening the season No. 7.

Hunt has a very young team under head coach Drew Nick. There are nine freshman on the squad, including Alex Hall, a Greenfield transfer who was one of the top scorers for the Lady Knights last season. Veteran players like Katie Wilson, Brittany Winstead, Alison Ellis and Whitney Hesmer, not to forget goalkeeper Monica Campbell give Hunt a scrappy character.

I remember the Lady Warriors' run at the end of last season and thinking that they were going to have a good team in the future. Of course, losing top scorer Alex Calvert hurt but young players like sophomore Brittany Raper (who practically grew up at Hunt watching her dad, Randy, coach the football team) and sophomore Lizzie Pittman have shown the same promise that Calvert flashed when she was an underclassmen.

Hopefully, Hunt and Fike will meet again. The rematch at Fike last Friday was washed out and there are no immediate plans to reschedule. Of course, there is always the playoffs.

High school girls soccer 3-A poll


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