Friday, September 11, 2009

Congratulations to Charles Davis

Charles Davis, the veteran Charles B. Aycock High athletic director and varsity baseball coach, has been named one of eight statewide winners of the N.C. High School Athletic Association's Homer Thompson Sportsmanship Award.

The award goes to "coaches who make a difference" and is named for the late Winston-Salem Parkland High coach and member of the NCHSAA Hall of Fame. The winners were chosen by a special committee based on nominations from the NCHSAA membership. Each school had the chance to nominate one coach. Davis represents Region 2. The other winners are Marie Lewis of Greenville Rose, Region 1; Art Medlin of South Johnston, Region 3; Paul Hodges of Lumberton, Region 4; Steven Davis, Greensboro Dudley, Region 5; Chris Norman of Shelby, Region 6; David Craft of Hickory, Region 7 and Robert Strong of Hendersonville, Region 8.

Davis, who is in his 20th year at CBA, is also in the Mount Olive College Athletic Hall of Fame. He guided the Golden Falcons to the 2007 state 3-A baseball championship and has sent a number of players into the collegiate and professional ranks. Besides all that, he's one of the most professional athletic directors I know and about one of the best guys anyone will ever meet.

He's due to receive the honor in a couple of weeks at the regional meeting.

I know Charles would never pick up the phone and tell a newspaper he won an award so I hope he doesn't mind me telling everyone that he did and deserves it.

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