Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bang! Bang! He's out!

Fike junior right-hander William Prince came pretty close to pitching a no-hitter in the Golden Demons' 6-0 win at Charles B. Aycock in the first round of the state 3-A baseball playoffs Friday night.

How close? Well, Prince allowed one hit on a controversial play at first base on the Golden Falcons diamond.

From these photographs below taken by Wilson Times senior staff writer Tom Ham, CBA's Tyler Ruffin appears to be out at first base as Fike's Tripp Sauls gets the throw before Ruffin's left foot hits the bag.

But hey, umpires are human, too, and this apparently blown call didn't really affect the outcome of the game. And the photographs suggest the play was extremely close.

I just want to give Ham a little credit for his often under-appreciated ability with the camera. And I'm happy to say this picture was taken without the sticky residue of Diet Mountain Dew on the lens!

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