Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wachovia Cup conference standings update

Here's another better-late-than-never item from our friends at the N.C. High School Athletic Association. The conference standings after the fall sports season for the Wachovia Cup were released Jan. 6.

Fike, Hunt and North Johnston have taken the early lead in their respective conferences.

With 3-A NEW 6 Conference championships in girls tennis and girls golf, Fike leads archfoe Rocky Mount, 64-60.5, followed by Nash Central 58, Northern Nash 55.5, Southern Nash 43 and SouthWest Edgecombe 30.

Hunt ruled boys cross country and was tied for first in boys soccer and volleyball to take the 3-A Eastern Carolina Conference lead over Eastern Wayne 69-65. The rest of the standings are Southern Wayne 57, Beddingfield 56.5, C.B. Aycock 56 and Kinston 29.5.

North Johnston won volleyball and girls soccer (although the NCHSAA Web site mistakenly has N.J. winning football, too; the Panthers were second to Ayden-Grifton. North Johnston has 19.7 points to 16 from second-place Spring Creek, followed by Princeton 12, Ayden Grifton 12, Rosewood 9.5 and North Duplin 7.

NCHSAA Wachovia Cup standings from Jan. 6


  1. Nice work Saint. I told you my MySpace page would drive traffic here but you never responded. Now you're getting as much traffic as the dirt road in front of Hedth'd shack. Great job.


  2. I like your style and panache. Any chance you would take a leave of absence and chronicle the rest of our season?

    -Roy Williams

  3. Is the Wachovia Cup going to be renamed the Wells Fargo Cup now that Wachovia has been bought by Well Fargo? Or is Wells Fargo not going to sponsor The Cup anymore? In other words, will Fargo forgo The Cup? Get it? Fargo forgo??!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Ahem...

  4. Or should I have axed, will Wells forgo The Cup? Get it? Wells forgo??!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

  5. Ah, yes, the peanut gallery responds!

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