Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm sick of sports melodramas

As an addendum to my previous entry, let me now state that having millions more options for obtaining sports news than I did when I was a kid is not exactly a good thing.

For the past three nights, I've listened to ESPN work every possible angle of this ridiculous Plaxico Burress-shoots-himself-in-the-leg-with-an-unregistered-handgun carnival. There are serious-faced reporters on the scene outside the New York courtroom and Giants Stadium, somberly reporting on this event which seriously deserves about two minutes on SportsCenter and that's it. Now, they've dragged Antonio Pierce into the sideshow for allegedly hiding the handgun. I mean, who cares? Well, I'm sure New York Giants fans might care but if I was one, I'd be sick of it by now.

As if that farce wasn't enough, now ESPN has added the Sean Avery-talking-smack-about-his-former-girlfriend-who-now-dates-other-NHL-players circus. Yes, it was untoward and impolite of Avery to say what he publicly said about Elisha Cuthbert and he's now in hot water with the NHL and his team, the Dallas Stars. But does it warrant more than a mention? These folks turn the simple act of providing information into a full-on feature with analysts, commentary and background on Avery, who apparently is, like many pro athletes, a bit of a jerk.

Show me game clips, tell us something we don't know about the players and teams on the field or court but give that intense drama angle a rest. I'm over it.

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    I sure am glad someone else finds this 'news' coverage insane.

    I find myself just turning the channel and for more enjoyable newsworthy content!