Monday, April 28, 2008

Barton's No. 1 earns No. 2 ranking

The game that still amazes anyone who sees it got some new legs recently.

Barton College's thrilling 77-75 victory against Winona State in the 2007 NCAA Division II men's basketball championship game was voted second most dramatic finish in NCAA championship history by the NCAA's Champion Magazine.

The Bulldogs' comeback from seven points down with 45 seconds to go ranks ahead of such famous finishes as the buzzer-beater dunk by N.C. State's Lorenzo Charles to beat Houston in the 1983 Div. I men's basketball championship or Warren Morris' walk-off two-run home run to win the 1996 College World Series for Louisiana State.

That's pretty impressive but if you think Barton's feat should have been No. 1, consider the winning moment.

Simpson College wrestler Nick Ackerman won the 2001 Div. III champion in the 174-pound weight class. Not a mindblowing accomplishment unless you understand that Ackerman had both legs amputated below his knees when he was 18-months-old due to bacterial meningitis.

I don't know about you, but I think the Bulldogs are in pretty good company.

NCAA Champion Magazine's top 10 all-time most dramatic finishes


  1. Mr Durham, I have read your blog posts from the beginning, and I usually agree with you, but not today.

    You claim that Barton was in "good company" by coming in second to a double-amputee, so I have to question your judgment. I mean, it was an unfair competition. They lost to the bionic man, for crying out loud. Sure, anyone can strap on on engineered legs and become a Superman, but how many people can grow tall NATURALLY and win the NCAA Championship? And this so called "prosthetic" technology is most likely derived from alien technology brought to us in the 50s because have to ever noticed that people didn't have artificial limbs before the 50s? This is yet another case of science winning (and alien technology) out over nature and GOD'S Holy plan for us. If GOD had wanted us to be scientifically-engineered SUPERHUMANS, he would have made us all look like R2-D2, or Darth Vader or even Yoda! And, if we were Yoda we could lift things with our brains. Maybe we could eat without even opening our mouths. That way, our teeth would never rot, and we would never need dentures. But, the the denture cream makers would probably take issue with that, and force us to eat with our mouths because, let's face it, corporate America REALLY runs the show here, not friendly green short aliens love the lovable and totally huggable Yoda. And, with brain eating, the French would starve. But, think about the money we'd save on gas if we were all short and telegenic like Yoda. We wouldn't need gas because we could just float our cars around using our brains as the engine (but it would still be attached to our bodies). We probably wouldn't even need to go to school because we could just beam in our knowledge as needed. Yeah, it would be cool to be Yoda.

  2. To the Yodaphile:


  3. I don't think he was wearing prosthetics on the mat.

    Besides humans are just alien technology.